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Chinese Language Learning Program Lesson 137 – Social medias in China

Chinese Language Learning Program
Lesson 137 – Social medias in China

Hello, everyone. Welcome back. This is Baixue’s Chinese Language Learning Program. Last time we talked about how to use “cái” and “jiù ” to make Chinese sentences. Today, we will talk about social medias in China.

Connections is very important in our life now. And it also mean “power” in China.  Social medias have become the most important part of the Chinese society. More and more people in China are using social networking sites, and all of these social networks are thriving.

Ok, let’s see the top 10 social medias in China.

shè jiāo méi tǐ
          (Social media)

1.   téng xùn QQ ( 腾讯QQ, Tencent QQ) - China’s largest social network is built on the back of the 637 million active accounts for Tencent’s QQ Messenger. With a QQ account, you can get access to all of Tencent's different services. You can say that it's the equivalent of a social media hub. You can send messages or pictures or files via QQ service, and you can have video chat with your family or friends for someone you are connecting with. ( )

2.   rén rén (人人, Renren) -- China's Facebook. It faces challenges from other social medias - Tencent’s Pengyou and Kaixin001. It has about 147 million registered users and 31 million active users every month, and is mostly used as the social networking platform for the college-educated population in China. ( )

3. péng yǒu (朋友, Pengyou) – It is one of the Tencent's social networking site, but it has lower numbers of active users than Weibo, and Renren. ( )

4.   xīn làng wēi bó (新浪微博, Sina Weibo) – the Twitter of China. But it has more than twice as many users as Twitter, and its features, including threaded comments, pictures, videos, IM, and LBS, etc. now far surpass those of Twitter. What’s more, Chinese celebrities maily depend on Sina Weibo as a way to connect with their fans and drive popularity. (http:// )

5.   kāi xīn wǎng (开心网, Kaixin)– Kaixin001 won popularity by its post-forwarding features and its social games. But now Kaixin001 is struggling because of other social medias are thriving. ( )

6.– Game site. Now it is facing more challenges than before, and the user numbers have declined precipitously.   ( )

7.   dòu bàn (豆瓣, Douban) – is an open forum and is popular among Chinese people for movies, musics and book reviews. It has about 80 million active users and about 60 million registered users each month which means that Douban allows unregistered users to access about its about 80% of the  content  of this site. ( )

8.   táo mǐ (淘米, Taomee) – the Disney-owned Club Penguin in China. It is a social media and gaming site. It is mostly popular with Chinese children (and their mothers).

9. téng xùn wēi bó (腾讯微博,Tencent Weibo) – Tencent is also aggressively pushing its Weibo (microblog) service in order to compete with Sina. ( or )

10. shì jì jiā yuán (世纪佳缘, Jiayuan) – The most popular online dating site in China most popular online dating site. ( )

táo jiāng hú (淘江湖, Tao Jianghu) - A social network based on Taobao, which is the massively popular e-commerce site. ( )

bái shè huì (白社会, Bai She hui) - “white-collar society” network by Sohu.  ( )

zhēn'ài wǎng (真爱网, Zhenai) - dating site in China. ( )

bǎi hé wǎng (百合网,Baihe)- dating site in China. ( )

Ok, that is all for today.

xiè  xiè!
    ! (Thanks!)

xià  cì  jiàn
     !  (See you next time!)

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