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Chinese Language Learning Program Lesson 153 – “早点” and“银行和很行”in Chinese

Chinese Language Learning Program
Lesson 153– “早点” and“银行和很行”in Chinese

Hello, everyone. Welcome back. This is Baixue’s Chinese Language Learning Program. Last time we talked about bus stops in Beijing of China. Today, we will talk about two words that people will be confused easily when they just learn them---“早点” and  银行和很行”.

Actually, there two little stories about the two words.

Please see the first word: 早点

zǎo diǎn
     (early, a little/breakfast)

Here is story one:

1.   When a foreigner visited China, he saw a lot of “早点” signs in front of some buildings in the morning. He knew that    is early, is a little bit. So he thought that people just wanted to remind him to get up earlier in the morning. So, the next morning, he got up earlier than before, but he still saw a lot of of “早点” signs in front of some buildings. He thought that Chinese people were really early bird. But even he got up earlier and earlier, he still saw the signs. So he asked a Chinese people about the sign, and he was told that the sign “早点” means “breakfast”, you can only find it in front of some restaurants.

So, let’s see some examples about “早点

A: wǒ qù mǎi zǎo diǎn, nǐ xiǎng chī xiē shén me?
     (I will go to get some breakfast, what do you want to

B: miàn bāo mài wán le, nǐ yīng gāi zǎo diǎn lái.
                      ,                  来。
     (The bread is sold out. You should come early.)

2.   很行和银行  (polyphone or polyphonic word)

  (very good)

   (row, line, trade, business firm)

hěn xíng hé yín háng
                (very good and bank)

zhōng guó yín  háng
               (Bank of China)

         zhōng guó rén mín yín háng
                                  (The people’s bank of China)

         zhōng guó nóng yè yín háng
                                (Agricultural Bank of China)

        zhōng guó gōng shāng yín háng
        (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China)

        zhōng guó jiàn shè yín háng
                                  (China Construction Bank)

         zhōng guó jiāo tōng yín háng
         (China Bank of Communications)

So, again, Pinyin and tone are the two basic and also the most important components of Chinese mandarin pronunciation.

Ok, that is all for today.

xiè  xiè!
    ! (Thanks!)

xià  cì  jiàn
     !  (See you next time!)

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