Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Chinese Language Learning Program Lesson 79– Chinese Signs and Meanings

Chinese Language Learning Program
Lesson 79 –Chinese Signs and Meanings

Hello, everyone. Welcome back. This is Baixue’s Chinese Language Learning Program. Last time we talked about a poem in Chinese. Today, we will talke about some Chinese signs and Meanings.

How many road signs, warning signs and others in Chinese do you know when you are travelling in China? Sometime these signs are very important for you to keep troubles or dangerous away especially when you travel to China for the first time.

 nǚ cè suǒ
(Restroom for woman)

nán cè suǒ
(Restroom for man)

qǐng wù dà biàn
(Please do not poo poo!)

qǐng zǒu lóu tī
(Please take the stairs.)

xīn shǒu shàng lù
(Student driver.)

 yǎ péng lǚ diàn
(Yapeng Inn)

zhōng guó yín háng
(Bank of China)

xiǎo xīn pá shǒu
(Beware of pickpockets.)

 dà shēng xuān huá.
(Keep quiet, do not speak loudly.)

dōng lái shùn fàn zhuāng
(Dong Lai Shun restaurant)

kāng nǎi xīn shí fǔ
(Carnation restaurant)

I took and made some pictures of Chinese signs and wrote a book about these signs. The name of this book is:China Travel Guide: Signs And Meanings. If you are not sure how many Chinese signs you really know, you can read this book for detail. This is a kindle edition book, and I put it on amazon for selling. You are under no obligation to buy it. But if you are interested in these signs and want to learn some Chinese signs and meanings, you can buy it from amazon at this link: http://amzn.to/1eX3ITe (for US friends. If you are not in US, please go to your amazon and input the book’s name: China Travel Guide: Signs And Meaningsto search it.)

Some signs in this book are in Chinese and English. But most of the signs in China actually are only in Chinese. So this book can not only help you understand what these signs mean but also help you learn Chinese.

Here is some pages of this book.

This is the link you can go for this book.


Ok, that is all for today.

xiè  xiè!
    ! (Thanks!)

xià  cì  jiàn 
     !  (See you next time!)

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