Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mandarin Chinese-- Supplementary lesson 46 (Christmas in China)

Supplementary lesson 46---Christmas in China

In China, only young generation celebrate Christmas, even though the elderly may also know what Christmas is. Usually there is no fancy family dinner, no reunion gift and even no days off from work or school, only a small celebration among friends or classmates or workmates by going out for some fun---drinking, KTV, happy hour, go shopping or watch movies or participate some activities host by some parks or malls.

Another reason that people celebrating Christmas is the timing. Because Christmas is between the National Day and the Chinese New Year, it put more light spice for the intensifying winter. People who are in school or at work can have some fun time with their friends or classmates or workmates. This time they do not have to be rush to visit their family and have a reunion time with their family, just be with friends for some fun.


Sure, Christmas party or parade will also be the important activities in some parks or malls that are host by certain sponsors who will make big money by selling tickets, costumes, gifts and decorations, etc. They might have big sale on some related or unrelated merchandises, for example: they will post an advertisement as: big sale on all kind of merchandises for Christmas! Or, big sale on all merchandises in this store for Christmas! Or, buy one get one for Christmas! …… In a word, the sellers will gain extra advantage by the Christmas. Some time, I think because business men or women add fuel to the flames, this is why more and more people like to celebrate Christmas.

I have to say that it is harmless to have this western holiday in China. Some people really have good time and some people really make good money. This is win-win holiday. And we also have the chance to know this holiday and to know the whole world. We should be happy!


Now, you know that even you are in China when this Christmas comes, you still can find more fun for it. Can you?



This year, Christmas holiday is coming soon! Are you ready for this approaching holiday? What will be your best gift for Christmas this year? What is your Christmas wish list? Are you ready to write to Santa? Find more fun in this year’s holiday! Happy holiday in advance! Read to pick your gift!


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