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Chinese Language Learning Program Lesson 108 – A quiz for our previous lessons

Chinese Language Learning Program
Lesson 108 – A quiz for our previous lessons

Hello, everyone. Welcome back. This is Baixue’s Chinese Language Learning Program. Last time we had a tongue twister about the vowel “ao” in Chinese. Today, we will have a quiz for our previous lessons.

Please try your best to finish this quiz. I know all of you are really awesome, and really can speak Chinese very well, so just take several minutes to finish the following questions.

Part I

Please read these Chinese sentences without Chinese pinyin and figure out what are these sentences mean.

1.   你好,我是白雪,很高兴认识你。

2.   今天是周末吗?你有什么打算?

3.   吗?

4.   歉,了。

5.   色?

6.   样?
7.   了。


9.   害。

10. 的。
Part II

Please fill the blanks by using the correct Chinese Characters.

1.   Wǒ (   ) nà gè niú nǎi píng zi rēng le.
            (   )                    了。   
         (I threw away that milk bottle.)
2.   zhè liǎng jiàn yī fú nǎ yī jiàn (    ) hǎo?
                (    )  ?
(Which is the better of these two dresses?)

3.   wǒ de shū bāo zài (      )?
              (      )
(Where is my backpack?)

4.   tā chī de hěn kuài.
  (    快。(She eats quickly.)

5.   tā zài shàng hǎi  (      ) liǎng nián.
             (      )        年。
(He lived in Shanghai for two years.)

6.   zhè yǒu běn shū, shì  tā   de.
这 有 本 书,     (    )  的。
(There is a book. It's hers.)

7.   nǐ měi yuè (     )   dú yī běn shū.
        (     )           .
(You have to read at least one book per month.)

8.   qǐng wèn zhè jiàn yī fú  (        )?
                  (        )
(May I ask how much is this clothes?)

9.   zuó tiān (    )  lehěn bào qiàn.
   天  (    ) 了, 很 抱  歉。
(Sorry I was out when you came yesterday.)

10. wǒ jīn tiān xià wǔ   (     ).
               (     )
 ( I will be available this afternoon.)

Ok, please finish the questions above, I will give you the answers next time. Good luck.

Ok, that is all for today.

xiè  xiè!
    ! (Thanks!)

xià  cì  jiàn 
     !  (See you next time!)

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