Monday, August 26, 2013

Mandarin Chinese-- Lesson 24 (Directions in Chinese)

Chinese Language Learning Program

Lesson 24 – Directions in Chinese

Hello, everyone. It is so nice to see you again today. This is Baixue’s Chinese Language Learning Program. Last time, we learned some cities and some famous places in China. Today, we will learn directions in mandarin Chinese.

 Before we start to learn directions in mandarin, we need to check the homework I gave to you last time.

dōng  xī  nán běi

Did you read them correctly? Good. Now we can start to learn diections in mandarin.

dōng  xī  nán běi
       西        ( east, west, south, north)

qián hòu zuǒ yòu
              (front, back, left, right)

zhōng  jiān, shàng, xià
      间,    上,    (middle, up, down)

qián miàn xiàng zuǒ zhuǎng
                         (Go straight forward and turn left.)

dá  rǎo  le. qíng wèn Cháo yáng  gōng yuán zěn me zǒu?
     .                                               走?
(Execuse me, could you please tell me the way to the Chao yang park?)

guò  le  zhè  tiáo jiē,  rān hòu xiàng yòu guǎi.
               ,                       拐。
(Cross this street, and then turn right.)

Homework for today.

Please read the following Chinese characters by using the Chinese pinyin you have learned. I will read it in our next class, so you can check if your pronunciation is correct.

xīng  qí  yī        yī  yuè  fèn

Ok, that is all for today. We will learn how to say week days and months in Chinese in our next class.

xiè  xiè 

xià   cì   jiàn 
       ! (See you next time!)


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  2. 前面向左转。
    a typo ?
    to turn = 转 zhuǎn (not zhuǎng)

  3. Could you translate these sentences ? You would help me understand something that is not clear to me. Thanks a lot.

    Two years ago, I came in this town.
    I've stayed in this town for 3 days.
    Two years ago, I stayed 3 days in this town.

  4. Thank you for your lessons. They are a blessing to me. I have been trying to learn Chinese for the past eight years, and now that I have found your videos and lesson, I have been learning. Thanks again!