Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mandarin Chinese --Lesson 11 (Greetings in Chinese).

Chinese Language Learning Program

Lesson 11 – Greeting

Hello, everyone. Welcome back to Baixue’s Chinese Language Learning Program. Last time, we learned how to introduce yourself in Chinese. Today, we are going to learn how to greet to each other in Chinese.


zǎo  shàng  hǎo
             好!(Good morning!

xià   wǔ  hǎo
        好!(Good afternoon!

wǎn  shàng  hǎo
               好!(Good evening!)

wǎn   ān
      安!(Good night!

háo  jiǔ  bú  jiàn , nǐ  zuì  jìn  zěn  me  yàng
          见,你                   样?
(Long time no see. How have you been doing?)

nǐ   fù  mǔ  shēn  tǐ hǎo  ma ?
                    吗?(How are your parents?

dài  wǒ  xiàng  tā  men  wèn  hǎo .
                            好。(Please give them my best.

míng   tiān  jiàn 
              ! (See you tomorrow!)

Ok, that is all for today. We will learn “Saying goodbye” in Chinese in our next class.

xìe   xìe  (Thanks!)

 zài  jiàn  (Bye! Or See you next time!)



  1. Huge thank you for this. I think your channel is up their with the best of them. da xie xie