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Mandarin Chinese-- Lesson 22 (Talk about weather in Chinese)

Chinese Language Learning Program

Lesson 22 – Talk about weather in Chinese

Hello, everyone. It is so nice to see you again today. This is Baixue’s Chinese Language Learning Program. Last time, we learned how to tell time in mandarin. Today, I will learn how to talk about weather in mandarin Chinese.

 Before we start to learn how to talk about weather in Chinese language, we need to check the homework I gave to you last time.

jīn  tiān tiān qì  zěn me yàng

Did you read them correctly? Good. Now we can start to learn how to talk about weather.

Let’s see the text first.

qíng tiān    yīn tiān    xià    yǔ     guā  fēng    xià xuě    wù    xiǎo yǚ    
 (sunny),  (cloudy),  (rain),   (wind),  (snow),  (fog),  (light rain)

shǎn diàn         dǎ  léi        rè      lěng    nuǎn he      liáng shuáng
(lightning),   (thunder), (hot),  (cold),   (warm),         (cool)

tiān  qì   yù   bào                                         cǎi hóng
           (weather forecast)             (rainbow)

jīn  tiān  tiān  qì  zěn  me yàng
                       样?(How is the weather today?)

zěn  me yang means how, it is a question word, just like ma (). Question word is used to make sentence(s) to be a question sentence(s). For example,

nǐ  shuì dé  zěn  me yàng?
                  样?(How’s your sleep?)

míng tiān de tiān qì hǎo ma?
                    吗?(Is tomorrow a sunny day?)

jīn tiān shì qíng tiān.
             天。 (Today is sunny.)

míng tiān de tiān qì zěn me yàng ?
                       样?(What will the weather be like tomorrow?)

míng  tiān  huì xià  yǔ.
                 雨。 (It will rain tomorrow.)

 hòu   tiān  huì xià xuě.  
                  雪。(It's going to snow the day after tomorrow.)

Běijīng de tiān qì  zěn  me yang?
   北京                  样?(What's the weather like in Beijing?)

jīn  tiān hěn  rè  (lěng).
              () (Today is hot (cold).)

jīn tiān xià xuě  le.
           了。(It is snowing today.)

tiān  qì   yù  bào shuō jīn tiān shì yīn tiān.
(Forecast says it will be cloudy today.)

Homework for today.

Please read the following sentence by using the Chinese pinyin you have learned. I will read it in our next class, so you can check if your pronunciation is correct.

Běi jīng    Shàng hǎi

Ok, that is all for today. We will learn how to say cities and some famous places of China in Chinese in our next class.

xiè  xiè 

xià  cì   jiàn 
      ! (See you next time!)

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