Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mandarin Chinese---Lesson 13 (Thanks in Chinese)

Chinese Language Learning Program

Lesson 13 – Thanks in Chinese

Hello, everyone. Welcome back to Baixue’s Chinese Language Learning Program. Last time, we learned how to say goodbye to each other in Chinese. Today, we are going to learn how to say thanks in Chinese.

How to say thanks in Chinese language.

xiè xiè
   ! Thanks!

duō xiè
     谢!(Thanks a lot! Or Thank you very much!

bú (yòng) xiè
不(用)谢!(Not at all.

bú kè qi. / bié kè qi
      气。(Never mind.

méi  guān xi
         系。(It doesn't matter.

méi  shén  me
           么。(It's nothing.
nǐ  tài  kè  qi  le
       了。(You're quite welcome.

xiè  xiè  nǐ  de  bāng  zhù .
                  助。(Thank you for your help.

Homework for today.

Please read these two sentences by using the Chinese pinyin you have learned. I will read them in our next class, so you can check if your pronunciation is correct.

1.       zhēn  piào  liàng.

2.      xí huāng  nǐ  de  xié  zi.

Ok, that is all for today. We will learn how to say compliments in Chinese in our next class.

xiè  xiè 

xià    cì   jiàn 

      ! (See you next time!)

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