Friday, August 23, 2013

Mandarin Chinese--Lesson 21 (Time in Chinese)

Chinese Language Learning Program

Lesson 21 – Time in Chinese

Hello, everyone. It is so nice to see you again today. This is Baixue’s Chinese Language Learning Program. Last time, we finished the quiz for our lesson1-18. Today, I will learn how to tell time in mandarin Chinese.

Let’s see the text first.

miǎo,   fēn zhōng,   xiǎo shí,  tiān,  zhōu,  yuè,  nián
   秒,       钟,         ,    天,   周,  ,     
second,  minute,  hourday,  week,  month,  year

lí  míng,    zǎo shàng,  zhōng wǔ,  xià  wǔ,   bàng  wǎn,  wǎn shàng,  wǔ  yè
    明,         上,          午,    午,       晚,        上,     
dawn,  morning,  noon,  afternoon,  evening,  night,  midnight

liù  diǎn zhōng              liù diǎn líng wǔ  fēn
six o’clock             five past six

qī  diǎn shí wǔ (fēn)        bā diǎn bàn
seven fifteen           eight-half

shí  diǎn  sì  shí  wǔ (fēn)            zhè  gè yuè        xià  gè  yuè        
ten forty-five                       This month)(next month

shàng  zhōu                          qǜ   nián             míng   nián
Last week                 Last year         Next year

dá  rǎo  le,   qǐng  wèn  xiàn  zài  jǐ diǎn  le?
      了,                         了?
( Excuse me, Could you please tell me What time it is?)

xiàn  zài  shì shí  yī  diǎn.
                点。(It’s eleven o’clock.

xiè  xiè!
   ! (Thanks!)

xiàn  zài  shì shí  yī  diǎn bàn.
                     半。(It’s eleven thirty.

yī  xiǎo shí hòu  jiàn
                 (See you in one hour.)

shí  diǎn yǐ qián wǒ jiù huí lái  le.
I will come back before ten o’clock.

Homework for today.

Please read the following sentence by using the Chinese pinyin you have learned. I will read it in our next class, so you can check if your pronunciation is correct.

jīn  tiān  tiān qì  zěn me  yàng

Ok, that is all for today. We will learn how to talk about weather in Chinese in our next class.

xiè  xiè 

xià   cì   jiàn 
       ! (See you next time!)


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